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To many of us our pets are like family. We love them and they are very well taken care of and cats are a favorite of animal lovers because of their high degree of intelligence. Over the thousands of years cats have been around cats and cat breed have went through tremendous evolution to bring you the modern breeds of today. Cats come in all shapes and sizes and have been breed form different features and strengths. There are very pure hybrid cats that compete in top shows and a class of cats that are considered more everyday pets and there is also a category to compete in for them if the owner is into this. The pedigree of many breads of cats is kept precisely so that all genetics are kept very good track of. Certain cats of certain pedigrees fall into certain breed of cat categories. Some breeds are considered championship breeds and others classified as non-championship breeds all of unique features that make them special. TICA is an association that registers and allows for competition of cats of different breeds. TICA has fifty five cat breeds listed under the championship category and in comparison Non-championship cats are mostly common pets that are loved and taken for their companionship. Both categories can compete in TICA competitions and cat enthusiast has an opportunity to show the level of cat they are interested in at these events. The kind of cat you’re interested in is up to you and most cats can be bought today depending on the breed and how much you want to spend you can go to the net and find the cat and the price that's right for you.
Girl : Lucky B.(Pre-Order Only), Brooklyn, New York
$ 1,200.00
Tuxedo Boy, Brooklyn, New York
$ 500.00
Boy: Jasper, Brooklyn, New York
$ 700.00
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