Abyssinian Cats

The Abyssinian cat is one of the world’s oldest breeds and one of America’s favorite breeds. It is believed to be a descendant of the cats of Ancient Egypt due to its resemblance to the cats in hieroglyphics. It was brought to America by the British in the early 20th century. The British got the first Abyssinian from Ethiopia, which was previously called Abyssinia (hence the name.) It has been a favorite in America ever since. Some of their qualities that have led to them being a favorite include their eyes, coat pattern, and playful personality. The cats are medium-sized, with males reaching a maximum of 10 lbs. Females are slightly smaller in stature. Their bodies are very muscular, but at the same time slender and toned from steady use. They have longer legs and necks but graceful movements. Their hair is short with a ticked pattern, so that each strand has around five different bands of lighter and darker color. Their fur is very dense and can have stripes on the neck and legs. Their eyes have an almond shape and are placed right onto an expression-filled face, capped off by large ears that scream "I’m alert!" Their heads are wedge shaped and typically have a m-shaped marking on their forehead which causes a frowning line above the eyes. These cats are bred in the colors of Ruddy (burnt sienna), Chocolate, Cinnamon, Blue (slate and beige), and Fawn (light chocolate and warm beige). Generally, the cats are very healthy and will experience little to no health problems throughout its life. Abyssinians are very active, alert, and athletic. They have been called the ’dogs’ of the species. They love to play with a ball or a string. They are also very loyal and affectionate; however, they are generally not lap pets due to their high activity level. They are also intelligent and love to play with their owners. Many people claim they are the most intelligent of all cats. They can pick up very quickly on many tricks and can be trained quite easily. These cats are definitely good for those who do not consider themselves to be ’cat people.’ They are very similar to dogs. They get bored easily, so if you will be leaving it alone for long periods of time it would be wise to get another cat. This is a demanding cat that needs loads and loads of attention. They are best for families with children or people who already own a pet. Be careful because these cats will leave no stone unturned! Some owners have noted that they almost child-proofed their houses and cabinets so that their new cat would not get into something he shouldn’t have.
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