American Bobtail

Several cat breeds boast of a genetic mutation that results in shortened tails. The bobtail is only one of these breeds. Three main geographic regions have bobtail breeds. These bobtail breeds are Japanese Bobtail, Kurilian Bobtail and American Bobtail. Of these, the Japanese Bobtail appears to be the oldest Bobtail with origins that go back to the 6th century. The Kurilian Bobtail has been around for about 200 years. The American Bobtail cat is a new cat on the block, having only appeared about 50 years ago. All of these bobtails are prized for unique appearance and behavioral traits. Additionally, all have been the subject of rich cultural tales--no pun intended--and traditions. Most are familiar with seeing the occasional cat without a tail. What many don't realize is that the shortened tail is not a 'docked' tail cat, which has had its tail surgically altered. It is a genetic mutation that results in a very short bobtail. Essentially, all bobtail cats are born this way. Over the centuries, breeders bred bobtail cats together to create more bobtail cats and the three breeds were created. The American Bobtail may be new but it is raising eyebrows in cat breeding and showing circles. Originally, given championship showing status in 2002 the American Bobtail is holding its own in competition. This, by now recognized as natural breed, is represented in several color combinations and has either long or short hair. It also may have several different eye colors. It would at first seem that these cats appear too dissimilar to constitute a distinct breed but it is the body characteristics which are the same. Japanese Bobtail cats are having been around for at least 1,000 years. These cats are considered good luck in Japanese culture and are often represented by ceramic statues at entryways. Japanese Bobtails have both short and long coats in two or three vibrant colors. Their tails often look like small pom-poms. Many of these bobtails are able to wiggle their tails in expression of emotional states. However, it is a delicate feature and should be handled carefully. Kurilian Bobtails can trace their roots back at least 200 years in Russian history. They are heavier cats with dark brown and tan strips on their bodies. Most Kurilians are very laid back with people, but are still quite active. These cats love to be touched and petted. Kurilians are considered to be very intelligent and usually understand something after it has been shown to them only once. The three bobtail cat breeds each have something unique to offer their people besides a bobtail. The cats have interesting history, are intelligent and quite active. When looking for a cat, consider these traits before choosing a bobtail.
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