American Curl

The American Curl is a type of that is very popular in America. This type of breed is called the American Curl because they have ears that curl out and back. When they are born their ears are straight, but once they start to mature, around 16 weeks their ears are fully curled out. All cats are different however, the average position of the ear curl will be about 90-180 degrees. The ears make it look like the cat is always on the alert. It is important not to ever force the cat's ears in an unnatural position as it could damage the cartilage in them. Some s have quite the personality and some can be very loud when they meow. American Curl cats are generally pretty quiet and when they do make noises it is more of a cooing sound than a meow. When these cats do make a noise, it usually sounds like a kitten. The coat of fur on the American Curl is very soft and requires some grooming care. Although there are both long hairs and short hairs in this breed, it is still important to brush this type of cat at least once a week to minimize as much shedding as possible. The short haired cats will not shed as much as the long haired. The color of the cat ranging to many different colors including grey, orange, brown and black. The eyes of an American Curl are very beautiful and unique. They have a walnut type shape to them and are usually a dark to light brown color. Like most cats, the American Curl is a very curious cat and is best being an indoor cat. They are usually running around the house and are very lovable cats. You don't need to worry about the cat being too big and taking over your house because they are not a large breed. Most American Curl cats are a medium sized cat and fit well in anyone's home. These cats are like shadows. This means that you are going to find them in your bed at night or next to you while you are reading your favorite book. They may even be right next to you while you are making supper, waiting for any scarps that might fall. They are also great with children and make a wonderful pet for you and your entire family.
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