American Shorthair

Among both pet owners and dedicated cat experts the American Shorthair is a breed that has the ability to impress each and every person. These adaptable and loving cats are recognized for their easy going personalities and hearty constitutions. As a companion pet an American Shorthair is definitely a good choice. These cats can trace their lineage back to some of the first felines introduced into the US. When early settlers immigrated to the United States some would bring their cats along for the journey. Ships were also transporting cats from other countries since they needed these animals to help control rodents that were aboard the sailing vessels. The first native American cats were genuinely prized for their ability to catch mice, rats and snakes. These hunting skills have been genetically passed on through many generations. Over the years there have been slight changes in the coloration and fur patterns but the basic temperament and personality of these animals has essentially remained true to that of their ancestors. Naturally the short haired coat makes it easy to groom and clean an American Shorthair cat. Even when these animals spend long hours outdoors a quick brush is generally all that is needed to keep their coat in impeccable condition. Most of these cats need little grooming to look their best. Combing and bathing can be limited to once every 1-2 weeks. These domestic cats are naturally inquisitive and playful. They will entertain children and adults with their antics. However the American Shorthair is a breed of cat that can adapt to any environment. In a quiet household these felines can adjust to a more sedate lifestyle. These cats are quite capable of entertaining themselves for hours on end without creating a major distraction. The American Shorthair breed is prized for possessing a playful personality that is balanced with ample amounts of natural grace and dignity. The original name of this was Domestic Shorthair. Over time selective breeding has influenced some of the natural characteristics that are identified with these cats. It was during the mid-20th century that these animals began to earn recognition as a show breed, and the name was changed to American Shorthair. These cats are unique and it hard to tell which kitten will be very active and which will be a more reserved pet. Most breeders suggest that females are more inquisitive and active than their male counterparts.
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