American Wirehair

The American Wirehair is a natural breed cat. This new kitty on the block has not been on the scene for very long. Found in a litter of six, it’s hard, dense springy coat was unique. The wire coat feline was purchased and then bred with an American Shorthair that came from another litter. This produced another wire haired kitten. This established the breed for the cat community. The first American Wirehair owner sent fur samples to a scientist in England to determine if her wirehair was related to the British shorthairs. The geneticists determined there was no relation to the Devon Rexes or Cornish. The only cat that is closely related to the wirehair is the American Shorthair. American wirehair cats are adaptable to any household. They can be a lap cat for an older person or jump in to play with the children. The female is usually busier than the males. The males are usually laid back but still have their hunting instinct for bugs that get into the house. They are still content to look out the window to watch the birds. They are intelligent cats, interested in everything around them. They can stay very active even into old age. They enjoy their owners, but are still very independent. The American Wirehairs are lovable cats that will fit into any family The American wirehair are medium boned cats that are well balanced. Short to medium muzzle and wide set eyes. The ears are medium length and rounded at the tips. With a sweet expression on their faces, they are sure to melt your heart. Their coat is like steel wool, but fairly soft to the touch. You will notice with the Wirehair that their fur and whiskers are crimped or hook at the ends. These playful kitty's do not fully mature until they reach three or four years old. That is when their features are at their best. American Wirehair cats have sensitive skin that is susceptible to allergic reactions. It is recommended that you bath these cats regularly to remove dead loose hook hairs to keep a skin irritation from occurring. Their wire coat can become a little oily as well. This occurs from their skin secreting oil. Regular bathing can prevent the oil from building on the skin and coat. You can gently clean their ears while bathing. The American Wirehair is a great addition to any family.
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