The beautiful Bengal cat is a breed developed by Jean S. Mill in 1963. By crossing the wild Asian Leopard Cat with a domestic cat, she created an exotic looking new breed reminiscent of exotic felines like Leopards and Ocelots. The International Cat Association accepted the Bengal as an official breed in 1986. They have quickly become popular among breeders. Their striking appearance has attracted many cat lovers over the world to breed and show the Bengal. Curious by nature, the Bengal loves being up high. You can probably find them up on top of refrigerators or cabinets. They are fairly active and love exploring. The breed loves to play as well. Bengals are pretty social and enjoy being around their owner most of the time. Either a toy mouse or bell would be perfect for the Bengal, and interacting with their owner through play time makes for one very happy cat. Uncharacteristic of most cats, Bengals actually like the water! They may jump in the shower or sink and try to play. The appearance of the Bengal varies. They have a short, soft shiny coat. The patterns are much like a leopard's. They are either spotted or marbled with swirling patterns. One particular interesting aspect about this breed's coat is the appearance of spots that look like rosettes which are spots that the Jaguar has on it's coat. These spots are two colors. In addition, the marbled version presents in a bull's eye fashion which is also on many breeds of cats. However, they are particularly striking in the Bengal breed. The colors range from brown and/or black tabby which includes a wide array of colors. The Bengal could have gold, bronze, copper, black or brown shades visible in their coat. Some also come in snow color. They are lighter color coated cats that may even have blue eyes. The Bengal has white undersides. Bengals are not small cats, and they are usually medium to large sized. They can weigh up to 15 pounds. Generally, the male may weigh more than the female. They are athletic and muscular and need exercise and play time to burn energy. The Bengal is a perfect, fun pet for the family that enjoys owning an active, beautiful cat. The breed enjoys snuggling up with the family when it is time to sleep. They are smart, loving and devoted creatures who truly appreciate spending time with their owners.
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