Earlier described in a famous legend, the Birman was not actually recognized as a breed until 1920, in France. The breed was also first shown in this year. After being recognized in France, Birman cats were then registered in Britain in 1966, and the United States in 1960. This was not shown, however, in the states until 1967. As mentioned in the first paragraph, the Birman breed of cat is a registered breed that can be shown just about anywhere in the world. It is also one of the TICA's 55 registered breeds that can be shown in the Championship Breed category. TICA, stands for The International Cat Association. To be shown in the TICA as a Championship Breed, a cat must eight months of age or older, and may be neutered or spayed. Kittens under eight months may not compete for TICA titles, but they can earn points toward future titles. Besides their ability to be shown, Birman cats are popular for their beautiful looks and personality. First we'll focus on personality. Birman cats fit perfectly in your home as the only cat, or with many other feline friends. Birman cats are not quite as loud as other oriental s, but if you pay attention to the cat's meows he or she will quite happily carry on a conversation with you. If a loud cat is not for you, simply ignore the mews and meows that come from the Birman, and they will be a silent friend for life. On to appearance. The Birman cat is long haired, which isn't for everyone. This breed of cat is characterized by it's many different colored points. Point coloration on cats is defined as one coat color with darker extremities such as face, paws, tail or even scrotum on males. Typically all four feet on the Birman are white, and they come in all pointed colors. The most common types of points are blue point, seal point, lynx point and tortie point. There is a color for anyone! Though Birmans have long coats, they don't mat often, especially with routine grooming. Weekly grooming should be plenty. The ears of the Birman are wide, and the tail is proportionate to the cat, not long or short. Birman cats are muscular and appear long and sturdy.
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