The Bombay is a mix of a regular black short haired house cat, and a Burmese cat. This mixer makes this breed a great pet for children and grownups. This little pretty kitty has big copper eyes, and a beautiful black sleek coat. The Bombay breed resembles a small black panther. These cats are very loving, and like to lounge around on their masters lap. Don't be surprised if this cat follows its owner all around the house crying for attention. The origination of this breed was actually man made for the purpose of making a mini panther type house cat. This was certainly achieved in the sixties and is now a very popular house that is just about everywhere in the world now. This black cat can be seen in neighborhoods especially in the United States area. The breed has a very happy cheerful temperament, and is very loving toward human beings. This cat type cannot stand to be left alone, it needs affection constantly. These cats are very friendly with adults and children, and are great pets for any family. This is a great breed for cat lovers who want a kind and gentle kitty. The Bombay expects its masters attention at all times, it loves rubbing its self on its owner, and meows as soon as it sees its owners face. Cats of this breed are usually quit curious and playful. They are also a very funny cats with their frolicking and jumping from one obstacle to another. The texture of this breeds coat it soft as silk, and is shiny and black as midnight. Bombay's have very great muscle tone, and short luxurious black hair. There beautiful copper moon eyes are invitingly loving and caring. This breed of cat seems to radiate with natural affection. Their size seems to range in the middle, but they are very heavy for their small stature. The tail seems to give this cat all the balance that it needs. This cats coat is so easy to take care of, and hardly ever sheds which is great for your carpet and furniture. Bombay's are also very agile cats, and have a unique balance that helps them to climb and walk various places such as a fence. Bombay kittens are some of cutest little babies, and seem to adapt quickly when taken from their mother and placed in a home.
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