British Shorthair

British Shorthair cat has a look of a puffy teddy bear face with chipmunk cheeks, a plush coat of fur and a happy temperament and demeanor ideal for a family pet. British Shorthair one of the oldest breeds of British cats and I have been around since Egyptian times. This type of cats are loyal and devoted and enjoy lounging in your lap and very affectionate and cuddly. British Shorthair was voted Best of Breed Cat in 2011 – 2012. British Shorthair ancestors came from Egypt and were imported by the Romans when Great Britain was invaded. Cat has a unique blend of elegance and charm with round head and sophisticated look. British Shorthair popularity grew and was a champion in TICA in June of 1979. This is a friendly animal that enjoys the attention of others and a subtle way of course. Purr-fect disposition will delight you and make you smile every day. The male British shorthairs are playful and carefree while the females are more proper in cat etiquette. This breed is highly intelligent and easily taught and trained. This beautiful breed is a luxurious pile of fur that any cat would be proud to walk around in. It is soft to the touch and emphasizes classiness. Eyes can range in a variety of colors like green which look silver and a pretty deep blue sea blue. Body shows off a medium to large figure with a thick tail. Rur never tangles and always relishes in beauty with shimmering thickness. Weigh from 9 to 18 pounds and be a solid and muscular cat with toned fitness. British Shorthairs love gymnastics, running and chasing toys and no mice or moles will be found wandering the house or yard. They will capture them all for you.
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