The Chausie cat is one of the world's oldest breeds. They were domesticated years ago as they were originally a hybrid of domesticated and wild cats. Since their creation, they have been a staple with cat lovers due to their short, dense hair as well as their personality to fit in any situation and adapt to owners with multiple pets. Chausie's are medium sized cats. In comparison with other breeds, they are taller and leaner with very long legs and an athletic shape. Their torsos are deep chested and have broader sides. A Chausie's ears are what stand out the most amongst other s. The ears are broader, taller, and are set high on the cat's head. The cat's facial features are higher cheekbones with eyes that are flat on the top and oval on the bottom. When it comes to the cat's hair, they have a short coat and they come in 3 different colors: The cheekbones are higher than normal while being long and the eyes are flat on the top and bowed below. Their coat is dense, and the cats can come in three colors: solid black, light black and brown. A chausie cat's behavior is extremely playful. They are naturally fun-loving and are extremely curious about their surroundings. Watching them can be a joy as they try to problem solve the nooks and cranny's of your home. Because they were originally bred with jungle cats, the chausie breed it extremely intelligent. Chausies are found always running around, walking in and out of doorways and always looking to discover new places. They are extremely intelligent, as well as active, athletic cats. This will be noticeable as they are kittens always running around. That will change only a bit as they get older. As adults, they are a bit quieter and more reserved, but will always retain a child-like playfulness and intellectual lifelong curiosity. One important thing to remember is that Chausie cats do not like to be left alone. It is beneficial for their growth and life to be around other cats as companions or have human company most of the time. One great benefit if you are a pet lover is that Chausies get along well with all kinds of dogs, too, and will live just fine with a dog friend. Most importantly, they will form a deep bond with their human owners. Chausies are extremely loyal, and may have difficulty adjusting if they are adopted or given away at an older age.
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