Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex is an unusual curly coated cat. It is one of the more modern breeds. The unexpected mutation of a single kitten formed the basis of an entirely new . While the coat might be unusual, it is not the sole reason to own a Cornish Rex. These cats are energetic, social and friendly. People looking for an outgoing cat that loves to be in the center of any gathering need look no further than the Cornish Rex. Some people think that this breed is a hypoallergenic cat. Although no breed is truly hypoallergenic, the curly coat does seem easier on allergy sufferers than straight-coated cats. The coat of the Cornish Rex requires little in the way of grooming. They enjoy the attention that grooming brings, but it is not necessary to brush them that often. The soft coat of the Cornish Rex is irresistibly soft to the touch. This breed comes in all colors, so it is not difficult to find a color and pattern to suit anyone’s taste. The Cornish Rex is a smallish cat with females weighing five to seven pounds and males weighing in at eight to ten pounds. The small size does not stop them from being one of the fastest and highest jumping breeds. This cat is energetic and enjoys playing and running around the house. When tired the Cornish Rex is happy to curl up in a lap for a quick snooze. The confident Cornish Rex is happy to be the playmate of children and other animals. Where some cats will hide from the more rambunctious members of the family, a Cornish Rex seeks out the activity and joins in with gusto. Do not let this fun loving guy fool you. A Cornish Rex can be quite demanding of attention. They hate being alone, and when they want petting, they will do whatever they need to do to get that attention. The attention getting behaviors are normally physical, as the Cornish Rex is quieter than some breeds. This breed disproves the old saying about cats being aloof, independent and hard to train. A Cornish Rex will fetch like a Labrador and let you scratch his belly without fear of claws and fang intruding. The big ears and curly whiskers give this breed a clownish look, and it is willing to play the clown, but do not mistake this fun loving breed for anything but the intelligent companion that he is.
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