Devon Rex

The Devon Rex breed of cat is very distinctive looking with its large, low set ears and wide, large set eyes, which make this cat stand out among all other breeds. Many who first see a Devon Rex say it resembles an alien. The Devon Rex gets its name from where it originates in Devonshire, England. The cat was discovered in 1959 by Miss Cox who noticed one of her kittens looked rather odd. Miss Cox named this cat Kirlee who is now known as the founding father of the breed. The Rex in Devon Rex comes from the Rex rabbit which has a remarkably similar coat to the Devon Rex . The Devon Rex feels different from other breeds due to its lack of guard hairs, the longest layer of hair on a cat. This distinctive coat makes them unusually warm to the touch and they have a soft, wavy short coat of hair. The breed gain popularity after one was featured in the first Superman movie. Superman in the movie rescues a Devon Rex from a tree. They are terrific family cats especially for active household. Devon Rex is an attention seeking cat. They are known for stealing things from their surrounding and being terribly mischievous by nature. They love to be around humans and tend to like to sit in laps, on shoulders, and heads. These cats like to keep active, so toys and other pet accessories are a must or they are known to start playing with household items. Devon Rex love to explore and will try to climb just about anything. They are also know to love food, human or otherwise so making sure food is put away when they are not supervised is a recommended. Devon Rex personalities are usually compared to that of a monkey; they are Curious George in a cat suit. Devon cats tend to be a midsize cat, weighing on average six to nine pounds. The breed is known to be very healthy in general, but the breed has been known to suffer from hip dysplasia and knee cap issues which are usually associated with small dog breeds. They are easy to maintain, but due to the large size of their ears they have to be cleaned out once a week to prevent bacteria from building up. Their whiskers tend to break easily so when bathing one should pay close attention try not to bend them. Devon Rex if cared for tends to live very long lives usually 10 to 15 years.
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