The most striking feature of the Donskoy breed of cat is undoubtedly its hairless body. They are quite a sight to behold; their wrinkles and folds envelop their figures in a manner that makes them one of the most unique looking cats in the world. Their look is admired by fans of the breed, along with their intelligence and energetic personalities. The Donskoy breed is from Russia, specifically the city of Rostov-on-Don. In 1987, a professor from the State Pedagogical Institute discovered the breed in a horrific manner. Young kids were kicking around a paper bag with a kitten inside of it. She rescued the kitten and named her Varvara. Oddly, the kitten grew up and lost its fur. Worried that something was wrong with its health, the professor tried treating it with medication to no avail. Years later, when Varvara gave birth to kittens, her kittens were completely hairless too! A woman named Irina Nemikina rescued one of the hairless kittens and created the Don Sphynx. The Sphynx is the common name most people recognize when referring to the hairless breed of cat. The Donskoy has 4 different kinds of coats in several colors. Only one kind of coat is characterized by having some hair. The other three are hairless, and if they are born with some hair, it falls out later on. The coats are Rubber Bald, Flocked, Velour and Brush. The Rubber Bald is born completely bare of fur and stays that way. The others are born with some hair but it falls out, or is left with patches of hair on certain areas of the body. In the winter, the Donskoy grows hair on its chest and tail; when the weather is hot, it loses its fur again. This breed is a medium sized cat. They are muscular, and their front legs are noticeably shorter than the back legs. The Donskoy loves to socialize and its owners. They are very curious creatures that enjoy playing. In addition, they are friendly, loyal and very smart. They are great cats for families because they enjoy having company. Their gentle demeanor makes them a good option for those with children. In order to make sure the Donskoy is happy, another cat in the home for when the family is out is a fantastic idea. They desire the presence of other pets because they don’t like being alone. Another great trait they have is that they can be easily trained! The Donskoy is a great cat to consider when looking for an addition to the family.
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