Egyptian Mau

There is no doubt that the spotted felines in ancient Egyptian artwork are the one and only Egyptian Mau and the recent findings by feline geneticist Leslie Lyons confirm it. It was not until 1956 though that the Egyptian Mau was introduced in the United States. Russian Princess Nathalie Troubetskoy imported three of these precious and elegant cats from Italy; two silver females and a bronze male. If you polled 100 owners and asked them what is the most striking feature of their Egyptian Mau was you would get 100 different responses. That’s because this fabulous feline has at least 101 outstanding characteristics. At first glance you would think the Mau is a bit of a worry-wart due to the eye set, brow line and the unique “M” on the forehead that is believed to be the mark of the scarab. The next thing you will notice is the large, gooseberry green eyes that seem to sparkle in the light. The wedge shape of the face is accented by the large, flared ears that stand at attention. This feline is actually the only domestic cat that is naturally spotted but it would be hard to miss the long stripe that runs down its back from the nape of the neck to the tip of the tail. The nobility of the Egyptian Mau shows in the silver, bronze or smoke colors of the coat. The fur shimmers in the light and while the bronze and silver coats are dense the smoky coat is silky smooth. This nimble cat appears as if it is ready to pounce and play at any time and this is because the muscular, hind legs are actually longer than the front ones giving it a slanted appearance. To enhance the agility of the Mau there is an additional flap of skin that runs from the end of the rib cage to the hind leg. This gives the Mau the winning edge when it comes to leaping and reaching high speeds. When it comes to personality this breed offers the best of both worlds. While the Egyptian Mau enjoys its alone time and can amuse its self for hours playing; when it is ready for affection this loyal feline will definitely let you know. This devoted cat will not take no for an answer when it comes to petting time but the admiration it shows back is well worth it. Even though the Mau has an extraordinarily keen sense of sight, smell and hearing this shy cat will run and hide at the first clap of thunder.
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