Havana Brown

The Havana cat is stunning with a mahogany coat and brilliant green eyes. Their short, smooth reddish brown coat shows the graceful lines of this beautiful cat. The Havana's eyes glow with intelligence. The color of the Havana's coat combined with the sparkling green of their eyes make this cat a stunning breed. It is believed that they are named for the Havana cigar, while others believe they are named for the Havana Rabbit. These Cats are gentle, playful and curious about their surroundings. The Havana started its breed in England in 1958. The breed was created by breeding a Siamese and a black short hair. Once the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy recognized the breed they were shown as Chestnut Foreign Shorthair. In 1970 the breed name was then changed to Havana. In the mid 1950's the first Havana was bought to the United States. A foundation was started for the Havana brown breed in North America. There is a marked difference between the English Havana cats and the North American Havana's. The English Havana has a more oriental look. The North American Havana has a broader head. The TICA accepted a Lilac Havana for Competition in 1983 and changed the breed name from Havana brown to Havana This Curious, playful kitty is affectionate and wants all of your attention. If you are not giving your Havana the attention they think they deserve, they will reach out with a playful paw and to let you know they are there. They are extremely curious and will be the first to greet any visitors or investigate any noise around the house. This will be the perfect cat if want your kitty to be a part of everything you do. The graceful Havana comes in a choice of two colors: A reddish brown or lilac with matching whiskers. When kittens are first born they have tabby markings, but as they grow to adult hood those markings disappear. They have sparkling green eyes that shine with mischievousness. The Havana has a solid, firm body and weighs more than they look. Females can weigh up to 8 pounds, while males weigh up to 10 pounds. Their short, sleek coat shows off their muscular body. The shape of the Havana's muzzle is very distinct. Pinched at the nose and full whisker pads, giving their muzzle a cigar shape. If you are looking for an affectionate, intelligent companion the Havana is the perfect cat to share your home.
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