Highlander cats and kittens are great pets to have, with their sweet and loving temperaments. Which are very playful, always clowning around. These are a relatively new and rare breed of cat to have. The Highlander is a combination of a lynx and a domesticated cat. Females generally grow to be about fourteen pounds and males can be up to twenty pounds full grown. In some special cases they have been known to grow even larger than that. They come with either long or short haired coats, in a variety of color patterns. Some of which are Blue, Orange, Snow, Cream, Fawn, Mink, Silver, Bronze, Chocolate and Ebony. There is also a spotted tabby pattern with a dorsal stripe running down the length of the body to the tip of the tail. The under coat has a variety of distinct spots and markings. When choosing a long haired cat keep in mind that their fur must be brushed several times a week to prevent it from matting up. Highlander cats also need to have their ears cleaned at least once every week. These interesting felines have some very distinct features. Such as their loosely backward curling ears, sloped forehead broad nose and large expressive eyes which are set an angle. With color ranges from copper, green and gold. Blue is more commonly found in the snow colored breeds. Right down to their naturally short tails, Highlanders have a unique quality about them like no other. They are highly intelligent animals that can be taught to play fetch and will walk on a leash. Highlanders are very active cats who are always looking for something to occupy themselves with. And unlike other breeds of cats they do not claw furniture or climb up curtains. These docile felines adjust well with other animals, Highlander cats get along well with all types of pets. From rabbits, ferrets, birds and various reptiles, they like to interact with everything. Children simply love having these playful companions around the house. They get along exceptionally with kids and all of the attention given to them. Highlander cats make for devoted companions who have a special bond with their owners. Giving them an amazing friend for life who will be faithful and loving to everyone. These awesome felines will wait at the doorway for your arrival home, craving some much needed love and attention. Often times seeming to try and hold a conversation with their owners. Providing vast amount of fun and entertainment for the whole family. Nobody will ever be bored with this breed of cat.
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