The extremely popular Himalayan cat originated as part of an experimental breeding back in 1931. In the mid 1950s the breed was recognized as a Colorpoint Longhair, however, it wasn't until 1957 that Marguerita Goforth helped to make the Himalayan name recognized by the Championship and American associations. Himalayans have since become one of the most popular s in the world. Himalayans are known for their kind and affectionate personalities. They love to be held and cuddled by their owners and will spend hours doing so. They are extremely intelligent cats and easily pick up on and respond to your mood. Aside from cuddling, the Himalayan also enjoys a good game. They love playing with toys and especially love playing with toys with their owners. If the Himalayan is not getting the attention it seeks, it is not afraid to let it's owner know by using it's 'voice'. They are known for their ability to 'talk' and they will let you know if something is bothering them. The beautiful Himalayan cat is described as looking like a cross between a Persian cat and a Siamese cat. They display the colors and eyes of a Siamese and the shape and the fur of a Persian. They are a medium to large sized cat with a short body and thick build. They have a beautiful long, flowing coat that requires a lot of attention. The undercoat tends to become matted if not cared for often and properly. Anyone who is interested in owning a Himalayan needs to make sure they known how to properly care for the coat and be willing to spend the time needed to keep it looking shiny and well-groomed. Himalayans are wonderful pets for people who want to love on their cats. They provide great companionship for people because of their expressive nature. Anyone who is looking for a cat who can be warm, cuddly and affectionate one minute and fun and playful the next will find that the Himalayan is a great match. Himalayans will require a certain amount of attention from their owners and their big blue eyes will let their owner know exactly when they need it. Although the grooming of a Himalayan can be somewhat challenging, once a person knows how to care for the coat and is willing to spend the time it takes to keep it looking beautiful and healthy, it will not be a difficult task. They are intelligent, loving and beautiful cats who provide their owners with years of enjoyment and happiness.
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