Khao Manee

The Khao Manee is a rare breed of cat that originated from Thailand, where its breeding history goes back hundreds of years. Its name in Thai means "White Gem", which accurately represents these cats' gorgeous coloring, as well as its nickname of Diamond Eye. It is speculated that the breed descended from a race of cats in Thailand called the Khao Plort, meaning "White Cat". The breed was revered and bred among royalty in Thailand, and thought to be a symbol of good luck. As such, the breed was not a breed of cat allowed to be owned or bred by non-royals in Thailand until the 20th century. The Khao Manee is even given mention in the Tamra Maew, or Siamese Cat poems, from around 700 years ago in Thailand. Because of their royal history, and the importance of the breed to Thai royalty, the breed has only been in the U.S. since 1999, when they were imported by Colleen Freymuth. Since then, they have been bred throughout the United States. Despite these cats' royal heritage, they are very active and curious cats, who love to be around people, and who hate being ignored. They are not the most quiet cats, and can be quite vocal, but not to the point of being noisy. The Khao Manee are intelligent and willing to please, but do need daily stimulation. The purchase of some cat toys or just playing around with your Khao Manee often is a great way to make a very pleased cat. These cats act very much like their own little person with their own very distinct, playful personalities. The most distinguishing thing about this rare breed, and what they are named for, is their colored eyes and pristine snowy white coats. The eyes are perhaps the most beautiful feature of these cats. They can have gold eyes, blue eyes, or a mixture referred to as odd eyes, where they exhibit a blue and gold eye each. The odd eyed cats are considered to be the breed preference, but not the standard as every litter can contain kittens with any eye color combination. Because they originate from a rather hot and humid climate, their white coats are short, smooth and close-lying to their muscular bodies, making them a very trim cat. Khao Manee are medium to large sized cats, with the males often being much larger than their female counterparts. These active cats are loving and are a good fit for owners and families looking for a friendly cat with personality, intelligence, striking features, and an ancient breed history.
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