The Korat is a unique cat surrounded by tradition. Considered to bring good fortune, the Korat has a coat the color of gun metal blue with a silver sheen. With big peridot green eyes and the sweetest heart shaped face, this kitty will charm any cat lover. Korat's have a compact, muscular and powerful body. No other cat in existence has the heart shaped face of the Korat. The color of this amazing breed of feline cannot be changed. Any other color and it is not a true Korat. The Korat is among the oldest breeds in the cat community. Originally from Siam (now known as Thailand) you find this kitty's picture in an ancient cat book. The Korat is considered one of the good luck cats. Often know as Si-Sawat, color of fortune or green and gray, the Korat has a long history. Imported to England in the late 1800's they were known as Siamese due to where they were imported. In 1959 the Korat came to the United States as a gift to a family after retiring from military service in Thailand. There are many Korat in the United States today and all Korats can trace their roots back to Thailand. This energetic, affectionate, intelligent cat can be an elitist as well. The Korat prefer to be with other Korat's. Although, they will accept other cats, as long as they know they are the alpha cat. They have extraordinary senses of smell, hearing and sight. The Korat are sensitive to loud noises. They bond well with their owner but expect to be pampered, since they were pampered in Thailand, they expect that to continue with you. Since they bond so strongly with their owner they love to cuddle and to play. They are gentle with children, so they will make a great family pet. Korat's have a medium build with females weighing up to 8 pounds and males weighing up to 10 pounds. They have compact bodies and feel more solid than they look. With a broad chest and rippling muscles, the Korat is a fit cat. Korat's have a heart shaped face and sparkling peridot eyes. No other feline has the heart shaped face, this makes the Korat unique. Korats do not mature until they reach five years old. The good thing about this is they get better with age. The Korat is an exceptional cat that will make a great addition to any family structure.
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