The LaPerm breed was founded on Linda Koehl's Oregon farm on March 1, 1982. One of Linda's farm cats, Speedy, gave birth to a litter of kittens, with one bald, tattooed tabby kitten. Months later, the kitten began to grow a very curly and wavy tabby coat. She was named Curly, and soon began spreading her Rex mutation onto her bald kittens, and from then on, to many other generations. The name for the breed comes from a blend of the Chinook's language tradition of adding "la" to make new words, and the "permed" look of the cats' coats. The LaPerm is a very easy going breed of cat, being almost dog-like in its affections, following its human companions wherever they go. Though originally bred as working cats with a muscular build, the Laperm is just as comfortable sprawled out close to its owner on the couch as it is out working on the farm. These cats are very thoughtful with their actions and seem to think things through before they do them. These cats are known to be characters and enjoy playing with anything. They are quite outgoing and like to investigate everything. The LaPerm has a long, lean body type, complete with long legs, covered in a dense coating of curls, waves, and ringlets. The breed can come in any coat color, or color pattern. The eyes are almond shaped and can come with any eye color. They also come in two lengths, longhair, and shorthair. The LaPerms have three types of fur, which are; guard, awn and down. These three different types of fur in the breed allow for the hair to stand away from the body giving it its texture and form. The fur feels much like mohair, is quite soft and has a slight drag to it. When patted, it feels quite springy. The longhair variety's tail looks much like a curled plume, while the shorthair's resembles a bottle brush. Each length though, has ringlets around the ruff, curled whiskers, ear hair and kinked eyebrows, and a very curled belly. For all of the fur that the LaPerm has, they tend to weigh about 6-10 pounds, being a medium sized cat. Because of the way that the Laperm's hair is, they are considered to be "hypoallergenic" due to the fact that they are low shed, and the curls hold in much of the dander and hair that causes allergic reactions. This breed is a loving and affectionate companion addition to any family with kids or other pets in a country farm or city apartment.
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