The first of the relatively new breed of cat known as the Minskin was introduced in 1998 in Boston, Massachusetts by Paul McSorley. McSorley had a specific goal in mind when he began breeding Munchkin, Sphynx, Rex and Burmese cats. He wanted to create a cat with fur only on the points (ears, nose, face, legs and tail) and short legs. Although the Minskin has only been around for a short period of time, it's popularity is growing and more and more people are hearing about and falling in love with this fun and unique cat. Minskins are known for being intelligent, affectionate and agile cats. Unlike other, longer-legged cats, the Minskin is not able to jump up high. However, the Minskin uses it's intelligence and determination to find other ways of getting to the same places. This breed does not let it's short legs hold it back. It is full of drive and able to use problem solving to do what any other cat can. Minskin cats are an incredibly loving and affectionate breed. They interact well with other animals, making them great pets for people who may already have cats or dogs in the home. Minskins love to spend time with people, especially children, and can spend hours playing and running around the house. The Minskin is full of energy, but also enjoys cozying up on a lap and relaxing. Minskin cats are short-statured, solid, full-bodied cats. They have small amounts of hair on the tips of their ears, their noses, faces, feet and tails. The fur is soft and silky and very rarely sheds. The fur on their bodies is sparse, but their bodies stay relatively warm. Although they have very little fur, they can be found in multiple colors and patterns. Their legs are short and their bodies are low to the ground, which gives them a look that most people find unique and adorable. Minskin cats make wonderful pets for people with children or other pets in the home. The friendliness of this breed makes them ideal in such situations. Minskins are playful by nature and love a good challenge. Their intelligence and determination makes up for their short legs and low-to-the-ground bodies. They love to quickly dart and dash around the house, which makes for an amusing sight for their owners. Aside from being extremely fun and playful, Minskins are sweet, loving and affectionate and provide their owners with a tremendous amount of love.
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