Munchkin cats are the wiener dogs of the cat species. Munchkins are the same as any other , except they have short legs. Short legged animals are usually known for their ability to dig, or catch a scent, since they are closer to the ground. Munchkins stay on the ground more than other cats, but there is no real reason for their short legged-ness. Though the Munchkin cat is a new breed according to TICA standards, they are not a new in general. The first Munchkins were discovered around 1944 in Britain. It is thought that this line disappeared over time, and a new line appeared in the United States sometime between the 1970s and 1980's. The grandmother of all the 'new age' Munchkin cats is thought to be a cat named Blackberry. Blackberry was bred to other domestic s to try to expand the Munchkin line. Munchkins were not recognized in the TICA until 1994. TICA stands for The International Cat association. Munchkins are part of the TICA's New Breed development program. New breeds in the TICA are eligible to be show, but cannot earn titles or points toward annual awards, and are not eligible to achieve championship status. Munchkins shown for the TICA can be male or female, and can be neutered or spayed. The Munchkin is a unique cat in both personality and appearance. The personality of a Munchkin makes it an ideal cat for children. They will willingly play with children and other animals including dogs. Even though these short legged cats may not catch much of a view of their world from the ground, they still find a way to check out their surroundings. Many owners report that these cats will sit up "prairie dog" style on their hind legs, just to get a view of their environment. Munchkins can't achieve much height in a single bound, but if you get them excited about playing with a toy, they can show as much agility as even a long legged cat! Because Munchkins were bread with almost every kind of domestic cat, they do not have only one pattern or coat length. Munchkins come in both long hair and short, and every color under the sun. Short haired cats naturally do not need to be groomed as often as the long haired variety. Combing a short haired cat once a week is satisfactory, while a long coated Munchkin may need twice weekly grooming. There is no need to worry about extra health problems with the Munchkin. The short legs are a mutation, and do not cause any additional spinal issues. No matter what color or coat length you choose, your Munchkin cat is just as sturdy and healthy as any other feline out there!
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