The Nebelung is a rare breed of cat considered to be fairly gentle and mild in their mannerisms. They are very loyal and devoted to a very select group of humans and a good choice for single person or senior citizens looking for a cat that will bond to them. They do not generally like strangers and may hide or observe them with caution. They are considered to be a highly intelligent. Overall, they are considered to be fairly new breeds have been around for a relatively short period of time. The very first Nebelung cats were born in 1984 and 1985. The breed was developed by Cora Cobb. The first kitten's name was Siegfried and named after a dragon slayer from an ancient epic poem originally from Germany. The second kitten was a female named Brunhilde. These two cats were bred together, producing their first litter in 1986, and were the very beginning foundation that would create the Nebelung breed. Cora Cobb first applied for new breed status in 1987. The new Nebelung breed cats were crossed with the redeveloped Russian Blue which has a similar appearance to further advance the Nebelung breed and to help create new bloodlines as well as introducing the long hair genes that helps give them part of their distinct look. The Nebelung was finally recognized in 1997 for championship competition and has since grown in popularity. They are well liked for their behavior and beautiful coloring not found in most breeds. A Nebelung cat is sometimes cautious when adjusting to new people and homes but this has not stopped them from gaining their reputation as a loving enchanting cat to own especially with their appearance. The Nebelung cat is similar in looks to the Russian Blue but is a long-haired cat. They have a silky and silvery blue coloring with large, wide set eyes that are typically colored green, rare among cats. They are also very well-muscled and are very sturdy. The long silver blue colored fur drapes the body and the thick plume of fur found on the tail balances the body. Based upon their coloring, the name for the Nebelung breed came from a German word Nebel which means mist or fog refers directly to how they look. However, the Nebelung may have had some origins from Russia where similar appearing cats were first bred in the 19th century and later imported to Western Europe and America. The Nebelung reflects an intelligent and beautiful animal that continues to gain popularity for its loyalty and love.
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