Norwegian Forest

Looking for a unique, useful, intelligent cat but don't know where to begin? Look no further then Norwegian Forest Cat, also known as a "Wegie". Norwegian Forest Cats are not a new breed; in fact they can be traced back to the time of the Vikings and are actually included in some Viking mythology. This day in age Norwegian Forest cats can be found throughout the world and are actually becoming scarce in their homeland. They are great house pets but also do very well as working cats, clearing vermin with ease in almost any climate! They are very agile yet have kind of a husky look; this means they are strong enough to climb around almost any obstacle. Norwegian Forrest Cats were first bred to travel with Vikings and keep their ships free of pests. There is even a Viking myth about a very important Norwegian Forest cat. However as time has gone by they have become more and more rare and almost became extinct in their native land. So in the early twentieth century plans were being made to ensure they did not go extinct, these plans were foiled when the war hit Europe but were started again in the 1970's. Since then they have become the national cat of Norway and were promptly thereafter were imported to the U.S. where they are still popular today as pets and in show. Norwegian Forest cats fur coats come in a wide array of colors to choose from today, ranging from black, or striped to orange and white. Although they have long thick multi layered coats, grooming is actually minimally necessary as their bodies have a system of adapting the weather, especially cold weather. Their coats are quite water resistant and able to withstand extremely low temperatures. As pets Norwegian Forest cats can be a wonderful addition to your home! They are adaptive and have very playful personalities making them a great addition to any family or individual's life. A Norwegian Forest Cat can play with your children by day and keep the mice at bay by night! They are known for their mild but loving personalities. What uniquely sets Norwegian Forest cats apart from other similar breeds is their rich history and adaptability to almost any situation or climate. So if you are looking for a beautiful, intelligent, playful cat look no further than the Norwegian Forest cat to meet or exceed all of your feline needs!
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