Ojos Azules

Not much is known about the Ojos Azules breed of cat. Ojos Azules literally translates from Spanish to mean blue eyes. The deep blue eyes on this cat are something that stands out, especially on top of fur colors you wouldn't expect to see. The Ojos Azules were first discovered in New Mexico in 1984. They began as a feral colony. The first cat picked from the colony and given a name was a female named Cornflower. Cornflower was purposely bred to males not from that feral colony, and all the resulting kittens had spectacular blue eyes, just like mom. By 1992 there were only 10 Ojos Azules that were involved in a breeding program to further develop the breed. To be a successful breed, these cats must maintain their blue eyes without showing any health issues. Currently TICA, or The International Cat Association, is overseeing the breeding program. The Ojos Azules cats are considered a preliminary new breed by TICA. This means that they can be shown in TICA shows, but they can not win any points or titles that go toward annual awards, and they need to be carefully monitored to be considered for a championship status. Both male and female Ojos Azules cats can be shown. As stated before, seeing as there are only a handful of these cats, their personality is not well known. Surely they are friendlier now than they were as feral cats. A geneticist is working with breeders and TICA to assure that not only the health of the Ojos Azules is satisfactory, but the personality as well. The best way to distinguish an Ojos Azules cat is by its eye color. Of course not every blue eyed cat is an Ojos Azules. An Ojos Azules can be almost any color except for pure white. The coat of an Ojos Azules is short and very silky. There is not much of a standard appointed to this cat by TICA yet. Though solid white is not allowed, the presence of white is allowed on the face, feet, and tail. Ojos Azules are a medium cat, weighing between nine and fifteen pounds. The head of an Ojos Azules is triangular in shape and the eyes are large, of course accenting the blue color.
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