When searching for the perfect feline companion for you and your family, consider getting a ragdoll cat or kitten. They have wonderful loving dispositions and make great pets. Ragdoll cats are semi-long haired with strong muscular body frames. They have soft silky coats, which are ideal for the cold winter months. Each individual coats length is varied, for instance cats that are neutered tend to have longer more luxurious coats. This is because of the removal of certain hormones from their systems. Coming in a wide range of colors and patterns, such as Blue, Cream, Seal, Lilac, Red, Chocolate, Tortie and Tabby. However Lilac and Chocolate are two colors which are harder to find. When selecting a ragdoll observe its body structure. It should have a good amount of length to its body with a long tail for good balance as well. Check to make sure it has large rounded paws in which to support its body. Ragdolls have a very unique quality about them, with their broad head and fascinating eyes. From the most intricate China Blue to a deep rich Sapphire, they are unlike any other breed of feline to be found. Those are extremely gentle and make excellent house pets. Once invited into the family, they make for very devoted companions for life. Kittens are full of energy and are curious about everything around them. As they start to mature ragdolls become more bonded with their owners, following them around the house. They are great with children, since they both love to play all of the time. It is so endearing to watch them interacting with one another and seeing the affection that they share. Their beauty is simply stunning and it is very overwhelming when you first glimpse them. Ragdoll kittens and cats both seem to change in appearance, with every year that passes by. Their individual personality is sure to bring enjoyable entertainment to the whole family. These interactive felines will meet you at the door when you come home and meow like they are trying to talk to you. If you decide to get a ragdoll cat or kitten here are some things you should know before making your final decision. Ragdolls are only meant to be kept indoors and do not do very well when left outside. It is better to get two or more, since they crave constant companionship. They get lonely and can get lonely becoming depressed when they are left by themselves. Even though they get along well with kids they should always be supervised, especially with younger children who might become a little too rough. Since their coats are somewhat thicker than other cats, ragdolls need to be groomed or their coats will become matted.
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