Russian Blue

The Regal looking Russian Blue cats are rumored to have been pets of Russian Czars and a favorite breed to Queen Victoria, and for good reason. These cats stand out among other breeds with their blue toned fur with silver tips and striking emerald green eyes. Because of their bone structure it seems as though there is always a smile on the face of a Russian Blue and this quirk adds to the charm of their large, flared ears. Their royal appearance and unique intelligence make these cats a wonderful choice for either the cat show or the home. These cats are very smart and bring new meaning to the phrase look before you leap. Because they always look before they leap by surveying a situation, they rarely get into sticky situations. Though, make sure to be on your best behavior because the Russian Blue will observe you as well to make sure you are a worthy companion. While this may make the cat seem shy and unsociable at first, once it deems you worthy it is extremely affectionate and generous with its love and attention. Their intelligence is one of the traits that make them such a fun pet. They are constantly observing and learning new things, like how to get into the kitty treats or where you hide the cat nip. They will also play fetch with you by bringing you their toy and insisting you throw it. They get along well with all including other pets and children. They are great pets for a busy family because they are very sociable but are also content to be left on their own. You may also feel good about getting a Russian Blue for your family knowing that they were given the nickname “Archangel” cats. While it may be partly because of their beautiful appearance, they were given this name because of their point of origin; a Russian port called Arkhangelsk. It was here they boarded a boat with sailors and made their way to Europe. Welcoming a Russian Blue into your home will bring your family a unique and beautiful addition to your family. This cat will not only stand out with its striking features, but will keep your family on their toes while they watch it learn and teach it tricks. For a family that wants a pet but may be too busy for the demands of a dog or other breed of cat, the Russian Blue is the cat for you.
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