Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex originated in Montana, U.S.A in 1987 from a litter of a cat that had been rescued. Jeri Newman became the owner of the only kitten with a very unusual coat. He named her Miss DePesto and bred her to a black Persian. She gave birth to six kittens of which three were Selkirk Rex and three were kittens with straight hair. With this it was proved that unlike the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex, the gene was dominant and that Miss Depesto had longhair genes. The Selkirk Rex was then accepted by The International Cat Association (TICA) into the New Breed program in 1990. In 1994 it was accepted for championship competition. The breed was then developed as a large cat similar to the British Shorthair with long and short coats. The long coat has loose unstructured curls with a soft and wooly look. The shorter coat has hair similar to bear’s fur with a dense, plush curl. Both coats come in a large variety of colors. The fur of the Selkirk Rex has the best appearance when the cats are mature. With large eyes set in a big round face, and a distinctive muzzle, the Selkirk Rex has a very sweet and innocent look. It takes time for them to reach their full maturity, and when they do they are a medium to large cat. They have a solid looking body with a large bone structure that has a rectangular muscular shape and results in the feel of a substantially firm body under their fur. An easy going relaxed cat the Selkirk Rex is like a stuffed toy that you would want to cuddle. They are patient and loving cats and show a combination of the traits of the cats used to develop the breed. The cuddly nature form the Persian, the laid back personality of the British Short hair and the playfulness from the Exotic Shorthair completes the package. It is very distinct from the other Rex breeds. Visitors are always wanting to pick-up, touch and hug them. Fortunately the patient nature of these cats gives them great tolerance, so they can put up with all the attention. Sometimes the Selkirk Rex is called a sheep in bad clothing, as the long curls or dense coats can look like the poor cat is having a bad hair day, but this only adds to their charm and cuddliness. These large, strong, soft creatures are an arm-full when you pick them up, and they make you feel like you are holding your favorite toy from childhood.
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