Serengeti cats are unusual, wondrous creatures. You will not find another breed of domestic cat that resembles the Serengeti. Even the name of the breed is exotic, and one look at one of these unique cats and you know that Serengeti cats live up to their name to say the least! The rather distinct appearance of the Serengeti cat is due to their unique heritage. The Serengeti cat is a new breed in the cat world, and was first created by Karen Sausman of California’s Kingsmark Cattery in 1994. The first Serengeti were developed by mixing two fairly different types of felines: the Bengal cat and the Oriental Shorthair. The Bengal itself is a hybrid breed of a domestic feline and an Asian leopard cat. Asian leopard cats are small, wild felines native to parts of Asia. Although Asian leopard cats somewhat resemble domestic cats, they do not qualify. Asian leopard cats are not closely related to leopards, but rather are named because of their leopard like spots. These leopard spots are indeed found on the Serengeti cat. It should be noted that the Bengal cats used for breeding Serengeti cats are from well domesticated lines and far removed (by many generations) from any wild felines. Serengeti cats also have traits inherited from Oriental Shorthairs, including large, well-rounded ears. Other physical traits of the Serengeti cat are a medium to large-boned physique, with long legs and large, round eyes. The color of the Serengeti cat can range from yellow to gold underneath its black spots. However Serengeti cats can also be silver with black spots or even solid black. The coat of these cats tends to be silky, dense, and short. Female Serengeti cats weigh between 8 to 12 pounds and males weigh between 15 to 20 pounds. The temperament of the Serengeti cat tends towards the lively, friendly, and playful, inheriting some the traits of the Oriental longhair. The Serengeti is also known to be very self-assured, but if you’re worried about bringing a Serengeti home to other pets Serengeti cats are also known to get along well with other cats and animals. However it is always important to use caution when introducing new pets to your cats and other pets. All in all, Serengeti cats are a fun, energetic breed that gets along with everyone. Although Serengeti cats are an extremely new breed, (they are still considered a “developing” breed by The International Cat Association) this feisty, striking, playful breed is quickly winning over the hearts of cat owners all over the world.
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