The Siberian Breed of cat has existed for a long time. First noted as far back as 1000AD in Russia, TICA accepted them as a new breed in 1992. The Siberian is known for being exceptionally majestic and strong, incredibly intelligent, and very loyal and loving. Siberians are a large breed cat. With a very powerful build and extra-large paws, The Siberian needs large back legs to support its abundant body structure. It can take the Siberian as many as five years to reach its body’s full maturity level. Their bodies are often described as cylinder shaped, with their hind legs slightly longer than the front to provide them with the ability to jump especially high and far. A Siberian is generally considered as being a semi-long haired breed, but with that being said they are known to have a coat that changes with the season. In winter months their coats are substantial. Providing them with the three layers needed to survive the winter months in its native Russia. In the warmer months the Siberian shed their coats for a far less thick, shorter one. Their eyes are very round, even more so when they are active or frightened. Siberians are known for their exceptional intelligence. Whether its finding a way into the room of its adored owner or into the bag of treats for an extra snack, the Siberian will impress you. They are notorious for their extreme problem-solving abilities. Although a large cat, The Siberian is swift and powerful with a build for jumping making it easy to get what they want. Despite their large size and powerhouse build, The Siberian breed is actually quite gentle, cherishing their human families. Great for children of all ages, this compassionate breed will be sure to provide your family with plenty of laughter and love. They love to play and show off their clown like shenanigans. Siberians thoroughly enjoy being with their human companions. They are known for their gentle loving nature and devotion. Some even go as far as to refer to them as the cat that possesses dog like personality traits. If you are looking for a gentle giant in the cat world then this is the cat for you. From its large stature, incredible intelligence, renounced love and devotion, to its easy to manage coat, love for children and other pets, this is no ordinary cat. In fact, this is more of an extraordinary cat. In my opinion this breed of cat would make a wonderful addition to any family looking for a forever comrade.
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