When you have a Singapura cat, you have a very special friend who wants to be involved in your everyday life. In fact, when you have a Singapura cat as a friend, you have a loyal and loving companion who will be very involved with everything you do. Singapura cats are lap cats. They are active cats. They also are very affectionate little cats who are dedicated to making you happy and entertained. Don't think for one minute that you will not know they are around. They are your little helper in every room of the house. The word 'Singapura' comes from the Malay word for Singapore. Two Americans in Singapore brought the Singapura back to the United States with them. This was back in the 1970's. So the Singapura is a relatively new breed to the world of cats. Singapura's are the smallest breed of cats there is. Kittens are extremely small. Some people who are not familiar with the breed will think something is wrong. But there isn't. The cat is also very beautiful. Its many shades of brown and tan are brilliant. The cat is also extremely intelligent. When you look in these cats eyes, you see natural curiosity for everything you do. The Singapura is also quite extraverted. Its personality is delightful and wonderful. They are also cute and playful. Adult Singapura cats only weigh about six pounds. Because this cat is small, when a Singapura cat is pregnant, it takes a cesarean to deliver the kittens. The playfulness of the Singapura kitten stays until it grows into an adult. It loves to play and cuddle. If you are doing anything on your computer, this cat will be right in front of you on the keyboard. Your business is this cats business all the time. You will also hear the Singapura. It is very vocal. But its voice is soft and melodic. You really cannot go wrong with adding a Singapura kitten or cat to your household. One last thing you must know. A Singapura cat is wonderful with children. It will play until the children are tired. Its outgoing personality contributes greatly to the entertainment of the entire family. Who needs the television when you have a Singapura kitten or cat in your home. To get an idea of exactly how yours and your family's life will change for the better, go to Youtube and watch the video titled; "Singapura 101". This is a delight to behold. You will receive all the love you give to these cute little cats.
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