Mixing breeds has always had some pretty interesting outcomes. The Snowshoe cat is the perfect blend of the Siamese cat's light coat and the tuxedo style of the American Shorthair. The main physical attribute of the is the white paws with Siamese coloring; they do not always have the white face. However, with their white paws, bright blue eyes, and white face this makes them a beauty to behold. The Snowshoe didn't just get its looks from the Siamese; it also acquired its intelligence, making this cat one smart cookie. The beginning of the Snowshoe started in the 1960's in Daugherty, PA. Dorothy Hinds stumbled upon three kittens in a litter of Siamese, all with white feet. As Hinds was advancing the breed, she mated the kittens to American Shorthairs with the tuxedo markings, and acquired the extremely popular 'V' white facial markings. Unfortunately, much of the Snowshoe's lineage was forever lost, thanks to poor record keeping. The breed has both lost and gained popularity in the past 40 years, going from one breeder in 1977 to thirty breeders in 1989. In 1994, the International Cat Association accepted the breed as a championship breed. Like many s, the Snowshoe breed has a varied personality. Some can be bossy, while others can be loving. This breed is much like their Siamese ancestors in that the breed likes to "talk" to everyone, human and animal alike. These cats do well in multi-cat households, but like humans, some cats are very much a one person-one cat household. These cats are the types that have "staff" instead of "owners". Instead of you owning this cat, it will very much be the opposite for them, meaning that they will feel that they "own" you. This is not for every cat owner, but for some can be a wonderful experience. When Snowshoes kittens are born, they are totally white. This is another trait from their Siamese ancestors. As they age, their head, ears, tails, and legs begin to darken. Usually they will darken into the seal point colors or blue point, because the lighter colors take special breeding. The eye color of the Snowshoe is a wide range of blues, from bright glittering azure to the pale bluish gray. The Snowshoe is a medium sized cat that is balanced in the fact that it is neither too small nor too large. This breed is a very agile cat, much like its Siamese ancestors. The males are usually the larger of the breed, weighing in around 9 to 12 pounds. The females are the smaller and weigh in around 7 to 10 pounds. Their coats are very easy to take care of because of the fact that they are shorthairs. As with all breeds, a weekly brushing is not only appreciated but will help keep your cat looking and feeling healthy. The brushing is not needed but it is always a good practice to have.
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