The Sokoke are a rare breed of cats with a very interesting history. The Giriama on Kenya were the first people to live with the breed. Naturally a wild cat, it was only in 1978 that a British/Kenyan woman took notice of their unique look, brought them into her home, and started to breed them. However, by 1994 their popularity had spread across Europe and they were recognized as a Championship Breed. Since their domestication, the Sokoke have been known as a loyal, regal, breed with an extraordinary appearance. Sokoke are distinguished from other cats breeds in that they have unique coloring, ticked tabby patterns and regal behaviors. Part of the Asian Group, Sokoke's are a short hair cat with a thin, somewhat rough coat and minimal undercoat. This is a medium-sized breed, and compared to other cats, they are more athletic with strong muscular physiques. Their tails are generally thin and rigid feeling, which is a distinct and desired feature of this breed. The females of the breed have a slighter, smaller bone structure and are a bit less muscular and athletic than the males. Kittens are usually round-faced with thicker bodies or slender with long legs and faces. Regardless, of their kitten appearance they will grow into the facial shape common for the breed. There are two branches of the breed, Old Line and New Line. The Old Line Sokoke are unique in their longer legs and distinct hard tail. The New Line Sokoke have more variation in its offspring. The New Line can sometimes carry the traits of the hard tail, but are known for being quieter than the Old Line. Additionally, the New Line have had instances of kittens born with traits that are outside of the norm for this breed. Some examples of New Line Sokoke have included long haired cats and solid color cats. Neither are traits which are generally found in the Old Line. This breed have very agreeable personalities and form deep bonds with their owners. They are family-oriented and they enjoy being held and carried. This is a soft spoken breed, who prefers soft chattering. They have a very curious nature and they tend to pay attention to their owners and are very much attached to them. They form bonds with their owners quickly and can be quite good companions. It is common for Sokoke to lay at the feet of their owners, perch over their shoulders when on couches, or patiently await the arrivals of their human family. This breed is very empathetic and responsive to the emotions of their owners.
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