The Somali is a that has been derived from the short-haired Abyssinian cats and Somalis are considered semi-long haired Abyssinians. Aside from their coat, these two cats share a lot in common. The Somali cat was developed in the United States during the 1930's. They quickly became popular due to their expressive faces and beautiful coats. They were named for Somalia, the country bordering Ethiopia. Ethiopia was previously known as Abyssinia, where the Abyssinians get their name, and breeders wanted to honor the connection between these two breeds. Their beautiful appearance and charming personality make these cats wonderful companions. Somalis are beautiful cats. They have a lustrous coat produced by Agouti ticking, where the fur is darker near the root and slowly becomes lighter as the color approaches the tip. Their coats are semi-long haired which makes them very soft. Ranging from brown to silver these cats are stunning no matter what color they are. Their faces are a modified wedge and has a rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. The rise of their nose and brow ridge gives these cats a unique profile. They have large eyes and energetic almond shaped eyes. They are generally medium sized cats with females being slightly smaller at six to seven pounds and males being larger at eight to nine pounds. These cats can be very muscular but this does not stop them from being poised and beautiful movers. Somalis are known to be playful, active cats. They are not usually considered a lap cat but that does not mean they will always spend time away from their owner, these cats are very loyal and sociable. Their playful nature leads them to explore everything inside the house, owners can be certain that these cats will have explored every nook and cranny. Their gracefulness is good news for any breakable items in the house, owners do not need to worry about them breaking many precious items as they explore! Their curiosity may also mean you will find them looking out the window watching the birds and squirrels at work in the yard. Owners may also find these cats surveying their surroundings at the highest point in the room. Because these cats are very sociable, they would make great companions for both the young and old. Although since they do enjoy attention, they would not be best in a house where there are a lot of other pets to competing for the owner's attention at all times. These fun cats would be great in a home where the owner wants an active companion to love.
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