There are many cat lovers in the world. Many of them don't know that there are purebred cats. Each cat has it's own attributes and qualities that set it apart from the rest. When a true cat lover starts looking for a new cat, they will look at the many different breeds before choosing one they think they will be happy with. Purebred and show cats fall into one of four categories; Championship breeds, Non-championship breeds, advanced new breeds and preliminary new breeds. If the pet owner is looking for a household pet and not one to enter into breeding or shows, there are many choices to choose from. The Thai cat falls into the category of championship breeds. This cat, which for many years was referred to as Siamese, is not exactly like the Siamese. The facial features, color, weight and physical features are very different. This cat often has beautiful blue eyes, which is often prevalent in the Siamese variety. Although the Thai has some of the same coloring, it is a larger, more domesticated looking feline. The ears are shorter and the face rounder than the Siamese. It has the darker markings around the face, ears, tail and feet. The Thai cat is a minimum maintenance cat. They are very clean, do not shed as much as long hair cats and are meticulous in cleaning themselves. A Thai is a very intelligent is a very intelligent animal, often very curious and investigative. It wouldn't be unusual to find them jumping onto furniture, peering out the windows, or investigating nooks and crannies around the house. It would not be odd to see them jump at something on the wall or a piece of furniture or to just suddenly go dashing around the corner. As pets, they are very affectionate and easy to love. They love to play, be petted and held, and chase after their owners or family members. They are verbal cats that often talk to in low mewing tones when they want attention, want to eat, go outdoors or communicate something else. It isn't unusual to find them waiting at the door with a verbal greeting. These feline friends are known to tap on shoulders or go face to face with their humans when they want to get their attention. It is not odd for them to jump onto shoulders or up into laps to get the attention they crave. As family pets they are great, especially when there are many members to shower them with attention. They crave attention, holding and petting more than most breeds do
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