Beautiful is the mink wrapped Tonkinese cat with its sparkling aqua eyes. The Tonkinese new breed cat is known to be a cross breed between the Burmese cat and the Siamese cat, by two breeders; Margaret Conroy and Jane Barletta back in the 1960s. The two breeders combined their efforts towards developing a moderate breed of cat that blended well with the traits of the two different breeds, that is, the Burmese cat and the Siamese cat, which yielded to the today known Tonkinese cat. The old breed of the Tonkinese is aged back between the years 358 to 1767 before the new breed was blended. It’s a breed cat that gives delight and creates joy to everyone who has it in their homes. Tonkinese is a warm romantic cat and it expects that you will give it total love and attention. Full of humor, the medium-sized muscular Tonkinese cat can entertain you or your visitors for hours with its lively jovial composure. The Tonkinese is affectionate, social and outgoing. It however loves total attention and affection and hates to see anything else enjoying the undivided attention from you. More than anything else, the loving charming Tonkinese likes being on your lap if not on your shoulder and on the alternative, observing you keenly in everything you do. Among many other personifications, the cat is an intelligent pet and strong willed at all times and with long memory. It loves playing games such as the tag game with other cats. The Tonkinese has interesting and human friendly traits. They are not vocal as compared to Siamese, but they are firm in what they want. As mentioned above the cat has sparkling aqua eye color. However, this aqua eye color is a define cut between the deep gold of the Burmese cat and the sapphire blue of the Siamese cat. Coupled with to this trait, the Tonkinese cats have variety of colors with different intensity patterns ranging from red, blue, seal peach, chocolate, fawn, cinnamon, whitish or cream, and again these colors just as the eyes colors are a define cut between the solid sepia Burmese and the pointed Siamese. The cat is always active and alert with a moderate tenacity in everything. This cat has been rated to be the best and a blend of the two different worlds cats, the Burmese and the Siamese, while each having different traits that has blended so well to give Tonkinese breed. They are easy to keep, to handle and to maintain. As long as they are well fed and given the attention they call for, they are good to keep your day well entertained.
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