Ever wondered what it would be like to have a tiger in your living room? With the majestic Toyger, you can have a toy sized version of a tiger. These cats were bred to mimic the tigers of the jungle. The Toyger is the urban tiger of the then modern day age. These cats were bred in such a way that they do not have a drop of wild cat blood in them. They have the same beautiful stripe patterns like the tigers they mimic as well as the same gait. This breed is a fairly young breed compared to some. In the 1980s and 1990s, a woman named Judy Sugden set out to create this wonderful breed. She used three unique cats, each with interesting spot and stripe patterns. In 1993, the Toyager was accepted for registration and in 2000 was classed as a new breed exhibition by TICA. There were other cats and their owners who helped with the process of breeding the Toyger, but Judy Sugden was the one who started it all. The Toyger has an outgoing personality and are intelligent as well as loving. This cat is one of the few that can walk on a leash without much trouble and can even be taught how to play fetch. They can also be taught to use the toilet, which takes a little more patience than leash training, but can be a money saver in the end. They have a laid back personality, most of the time, making them fun cats to be around. They get along great with other animals due to their laid back nature. Taking them out for walks is an ideal practice because if gives both cat and owner exercise, as well as impress the neighbors that you have a small tiger as a pet. This cat is definitely a conversation piece for those collecting the strange and unusual. You can also walk the dog and cat at the same time, which will be a time saver for you. The Toyger has a unique coat pattern. Instead of the usual patterns found in tabbies, this cat has more bold stripes, as well as more dramatic patterns in their fur. The most popular color of the breed would be the orange coat with the black markings. The blazing orange coat with the added shine that most cats have, along with those midnight black markings make it impossible not to look at this cat. Their large paws and big body, along with their fur, make them look like miniature tigers, which is the ideal look for the breed. They are fluffy cats in the winter and during the summer they shed their coat. Daily brushing can help with the process of shedding as well as keep cat hair off of your couch.
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