Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a beautiful cat. This cat is very graceful and elegant, making them the beauty queens of the cat world. They are energetic cats, curious as all cats are, and very loving towards their owners. These cats are very good with children and other pets. When in a multi-pet household, the Angora will flourish, if they are known as the boss of the house. The Turkish Angora originates from a place called Ankara which was formerly named Angora, hence the naming of this particular breed of cat. They are considered a national treasure to Turkey. In the 1950s, American soldiers discovered these beautiful cats and in 1962 the Ankara Zoo came to allow a Colonel and Mrs. Walter Grant a male and female Turkish Angora. This allowed the cats to be breed in America, allowing the breed to become established in North America. As they say, it only takes two to start a family. Most purebreds can trace their ancestry back to the first few cats brought back to America, if all of the paperwork was documented and kept up to date. Having a pedigree cat is one of the highest honors for most cat lovers. The Turkish Angora is a sleek and graceful cat. Do not let their looks fool you, they are all muscle. These cats are very high energy and will spend their days chasing dust-bunnies around the house rather than laying about sleeping. Angoras are good with people, but require a lot of attention because of their playful nature. Be prepared for a lot of books dropped off the shelf, if you ignore this cat, or a face full of fur. If you ignore them, they will figure out a way to get your attention. They have very large ears that are soft and should be looked after at least once a month. It is not uncommon for kittens and cats to get mites, even in the cleanest household. If the cat is an outside cat, this is a definite must for keeping the Angora looking and feeling beautiful. The graceful Turkish Angora is easy to keep groomed. To keep its coat shiny and in great condition, brush it once a week. This will also keep any loose hair from flying about the place. The Angora comes in many colors, from solid white, to solid black. Their summer coat and winter coat differentiate by thickness of coat in the body, legs and tail. The winter coat is fuller so they appear fluffier. Angora cats are known to have solid muscle and great agility. Their large ears help them hear even the tiniest sound. These cats are meant for show but can make wonderful mousers in the event that one should arise.
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